3 Casting Tips to Attract Top Talent

  • 3 Casting Tips to Attract Top Talent

    As the term pre-production suggests, this stage is all about preparation. Outlining the story, creating storyboards, reviewing the budgets, booking any necessary venues and vendors all happens at the beginning.

    3 Casting Tips to Attract Top Talent

    One of the most important parts of pre-production for every project is casting. Finding the faces and voices of your story will be how the audience remembers your message. Whether your budget is tight or not, there are a few key steps we can follow to honor your story and find the perfect cast.

    1. It’s All About the Story

    No matter what the project is, there’s always a story. Big-time TV commercials, webisodes, music videos, feature films, and everything in between all tell a story to the viewer. Your job is to identify how your brand or business wants to be viewed. Tie your ideas into your mission and design, and you’re off to a great start.

    2. Come Prepared

    Casting top talent is almost like doing an interview. They’ll want to know the deeper questions of why and how in order to commit to the project. Before they sign on to play the role or portray your brand, they’re looking to see if you have a strong command of your material and vision. Trust yourself here and they will too.

    3. Work With a Team

    That’s us. We know what needs to get done and how to do it best. When you’re surrounded by professional producers and filmmakers and have all the necessary equipment at hand, you’re a magnet for good talent.

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