3 Game Changing Video Equipment Rentals

  • 3 Game Changing Video Equipment Rentals

    You would be surprised at how much a little mobility can help boost the professional appeal of your video production. Unfortunately, camera movement can often look shaky or cause the camera to lose focus of its subject. RDM Productions has you covered with these three essential tools to make the best of camera movement in your video project!

    3 Game Changing Video Equipment Rentals

    The best piece of equipment for mobility is a camera stabilizer, of which the Freefly Systems Movi M10 is an acclaimed example. The M10’s custom-built 3-axis gimbal frame brings comfort and mobility to operators while yielding a smooth moving picture. Take advantage of the system’s integrated Bluetooth technology in Dual Operator Mode, in which a second operator can remotely control the camera’s movement within the rig.

    Another hurdle in camera movement is the difficulty in maintaining focus on a mobile subject. Our Follow Focus Redrock Mico Remote Wireless Bundle allows for remote control of the zoom and iris in virtually all cameras and lenses. The precise fingerwheel and optional handwheel allow operators to maintain focus on moving and multiple subjects, or when the camera is on a gimbal.

    The bare bones of mobility, the Camera Dolly provides smooth and safe movement for the camera in order to follow the subject or shift the viewer’s focus. Nothing adds to the professionalism of a video like a smooth shot using a real dolly. The Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly exists as a more portable alternative, which carries its own weight thanks to its smooth wheel design and high load capacity.

    Adding these mobility tools to your equipment rental from RDM Productions will add professional appeal to your video productions. Just getting started? Check out our equipment rentals today and contact us if you have any questions about your order.

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