Audio Production for Film: 3 Steps to Success

  • Audio Production for Film: 3 Steps to Success

    Sitting down to plan out the audio production for your next video project is a daunting task. Many argue that audio in film or video serves as a background element in various productions. This is true, however, there are videos where the audio is actually the star of the film. Though we may not see the hard work, editing, and creativity, we will be sure to hear it. Now it’s your turn. Where do you start?

    Audio Production for Film: 3 Steps to Success

    Here are three audio production steps that we follow in our video production process to ensure each video will be a success!

    On Location Sound Recording

    Using our extensive microphone collection, we do our very best to capture audio in its more pure form when shooting on location.  Utilizing industry proven techniques, we are able to capture dialogue and sound effects very clearly. If you are able to get clean recordings on location initially, it will save you time later on in the editing process.

    Voice Over Recording

    In the event that some of the dialogue we capture in the field does not translate well via our sound recording equipment,  we will then begin replacing the inaudible vocals from the location recording with clean vocals that we record in the studio. This is a very common thing in video production as often times location recording doesn’t always offer the best recording environment. Having the ability to record these vocals in a post-production studio allows us to focus more on the actual film when we are shooting.

    Sound Mixing

    Once we have all of our audio elements, we professionally mix the elements together utilizing commercial audio editing software. This step in the process is difficult and time-consuming, however, it is important to remember each sound needs to exist within its own space and your job is to make sure that all the sounds are comfortable. Yes, this step in the process is difficult, but also very rewarding when you hear the final mix.

    While audio production is very fun and creative it also requires a great sense of commitment and persistence. Implement these steps in your next video and see how it speeds up the workflow!

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