Freihofer Casting’s Monologues 4 Meals is This Thursday, December 4

  • Freihofer Casting’s Monologues 4 Meals is This Thursday, December 4

    Freihofer Casting’s Monologues 4 Meals is This Thursday, December 4

    Freihofer Casting’s 4th annual Monologues 4 Meals is this Thursday, December 4.  No appointment is necessary.

    Ever thought it was hard to be seen by a casting director?  Have you had trouble getting auditions for projects?  Have you honed your skills since your last audition and you want to show your abilities?   Do you want to show your talent agent what you can do or be seen by all the area talent agents plus the state’s largest and busiest casting office?

    Freihofer Casting, the leading casting office for film and television in Oklahoma, will open its doors December 4 for the 4th annual Monologues 4 Meals.  Essentially an open call, the event allows actors to bring in a  monologue or short scene of their choosing and perform it for a working Casting Director for film & television.  The staff of Freihofer Casting (Casting Director Chris Freihofer, CSA, Casting Assistant Tiffany Feese and other staffers) will view all auditions.

    All scenes and monologues will also be filmed and shown to Oklahoma talent agents.  If you already have a talent agent, they will have the opportunity to see again what you can do.  If you do not have an agent, the Monologues 4 Meals staff will notify you if an agent has expressed interest in contacting you.

    The lobby at The Actor Factory is fully decked out for Freihofer Casting’s annual event.

    Cost for the event is two non-perishable food or sundry items per person.

    Items collected will be given to area food banks and animal shelters.

    “We got the idea from our colleagues at Claire Simon Casting in Chicago,” said Freihofer. “They distributed an invitation through the Casting Society of America database a few years ago, encouraging other CSA member offices to copy an event that has been popular with them for the past 9 years.”

    “We dedicate one day a year to meeting any actor on the planet that would like to come in and be seen and do an audition piece,” said Simon. “The day always has actors lined up down the hall, a really festive feeling, and the actors are excited to be in and feel good about doing something good for someone else at the same time.”

    “Actors don’t have to bring in monologues,” said Freihofer, Oklahoma’s only CSA-member Casting Director. “They can bring in a scene and we will provide the off-camera reader, just like a film audition.” (Make sure to bring a copy of the script). Actors are also encouraged to bring in their headshots and resumes, if they have them. Freihofer will fill out an evaluation form and attach it to each headshot/resume for consideration for future projects.

    New rules are in place to help prevent long lines this year.

    He stressed that this is perfect for actors that haven’t yet been seen by the casting office, or for actors that have reached a new level in their training and want to show themselves off.  He also encourages veteran actors to come in to stretch the envelope of how they are normally seen or considered.

    “If an actor wants to strut their stuff, go for it. If you aren’t being seen for the right roles or the right projects, if you feel you aren’t being seen at all, or if you feel your last auditions haven’t represented your talents, this is the chance. The doors are open to any actor of any age,” Freihofer said.

    Freihofer has cast over 30 feature film and television projects and hundreds of commercials since opening the doors in 2004.   Recent casting credits include the feature films RUDDERLESS (Directed by William H Macy),  AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (With Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts), THE VEIL, YOU CAN’T WIN, SOUTHERN TALE, ELEMENT, TO THE WONDER (Directed by Terrence Malick, starring Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams),  and recent commercials for Foot Locker, AT&T, Verizon, Spring, Nike, Gatorade, Prudential Insurance, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Oand more. He is currently prepping the casting of two more feature films and will produce the film HEARTLAND early next year.

    “We did an open call years ago when we opened our first office and it was very successful,” he said. “We met some very talented actors and saw plenty of new faces that we called in for future auditions.  At last year’s event, we gathered over 750 pounds of food for the local food bank.  We hope to double that record this year.”

    Freihofer Casting’s Monologues 4 Meals will be held Thursday, December 4, from 10 am-8 pm  at The Actor Factory in Norman, OK. No appointment is necessary.

    Casting Assistant Tiffany Feese helps organize last year’s donations after the event.

    Actors can either bring in a monologue or two or a scene of no more than 2 minutes in length total.  Scenes or monologues can be from film, television, theater or anything.  But be mindful that this casting office is hired for film & television. This year, the actor will be timed as soon as they begin talking, in order to keep the line moving and to see as many people as possible.

    “People will be cut off after 2 minutes, so prepare wisely,” Freihofer said.

    “If you’ve ever spent much time in casting, you can tell what you need to see after about 20 seconds anyway,” he said. “Two minutes with two one-minute monologues will be plenty. We have to be strict about timing because last year we had a line that back up.  Some people waited over 90 minutes to be seen.  We’re working to prevent that this year.”

    It is suggested that the audition material is memorized.

    Everyone auditioning is required to bring in two non-perishable food or toiletry items that could be helpful to a family in need during the holidays. Please remember that non-perishable includes pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, cereal, crackers, peanut butter toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, tampons, anti-perspirant), etc.

    Food donations will be given to Food & Shelter For Friends. Cash and check donations will be given to Second Chance Animal Sanctuary.

    Items are delivered last year to Food & Shelter for Friends.

    Please be mindful of peak times (near lunch, near the end of the day). There may be a short wait, but we will make it festive for all, and anyone in line will be seen!

    For address, map and driving directions to The Actor Factory, visit For information by phone, call the Casting Hotline at 405.310.4391 after November 28. (Do not call The Actor Factory phone line or the main office phone number for Freihofer Casting for information about this event).

    For current updates about the event, “Like” Freihofer Casting on Facebook ( and follow @FreihoferCasting on Twitter.

    Follow the hashtag #M4M4.

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