Stand Out With Commercial Video Production

  • Stand Out With Commercial Video Production

    If you’ve been looking for some new methods of getting your Commercial video, out in front of audiences, we’ve got one for you here you should try. In the old days, to stay competitive your video had to connect a product with smiling faces of the standard American household. Then, as the market became saturated, commercials began telling a micro-story. Nowadays, a gripping story that connects with an audience is common place. Viewers are looking for the next big thing.

    Stand Out With Commercial Video ProductionUnique = Bizarre

    The current trend involves telling a story with bizarre traits that consumers have never witnessed before. Take Geico, DollarShaveClub or Old Spice as prime examples. Each of these companies (and several others) have found a way to capture their consumer’s attention and go viral. They’re telling a story but with a bizarre, surrealist twist applied to it. But how long till this trend to becomes saturated? What is the next new thing?

    Providing Value in your Commercial

    As the world shifts towards on-demand and unlimited consumable entertainment, social media gives us a clue as to how videos can stand out against hundreds of others. Providing value has been the key to user retention, not only through blogs but also web video. Why hasn’t this method become popular in larger, commercial video yet? Because web video is inexpensive with rapid turn-over and a short lifespan. You might create a dozen videos in 6 months on various topics, each providing value. A commercial is a large, expensive undertaking. The focus has always been to plug the brand as much as possible.

    With recent improvements in technology, more commercials are coming from more sources than ever before. To the casual viewer, high-quality commercial videos now more closely resemble social media web video as ubiquitous and formulaic. Bizarre ads may stick out now, but already that is becoming the new normal. If you are going to stand out from the crowd you’re going to have to stay one step ahead.

    Consider your commercial video a chance to teach the audience something they never knew before. Connect viewers with new resources that can empower them. Offer a free download, an e-book, or an exclusive coupon. Soon we are going to find the missing link between social media’s web video and commercial video.

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