Yuneec Breeze Dallas

  • Yuneec Breeze Dallas

    Are you in a market for a user-friendly camera drone? Have you considered Yuneec Breeze? If not, it is not too late to add this great and affordable camera drone to your list. Yuneec Breeze is a compact 4K UHD flying camera drone that is light in weight and has a high-quality camera controlled by your Android device or iOS. Breeze has five different flight modes that offer you the flexibility to focus on photo and video capture instead of controlling the drone.

    Yuneec Breeze Dallas

    Breeze is a camera drone and a high-definition camera that captures excellent shots and gives clear 13 megapixel shots within seconds. Also, you can watch a 720 HD live stream of the flight from your mobile device. You do not have to pilot the drone since the flight modes will help you capture the shots. Breeze does all the work and lets you enjoy the moment from your mobile device.

    Breeze flight modes

    • Selfie mode – It positions Breeze for aerial selfies
    • Pilot mode – It allows you manual control
    • Orbit mode – It assigns Breeze an object to orbit
    • Journey mode – It gives Breeze permission to explore the environment before returning
    • Follow me mode – Breeze uses GPS to track your movement and follow you anywhere.

    Breeze is small and safe and weighs under a pound. It is complete with advanced indoor positioning and safety procedures that ensure auto-landing and auto return home. Its infrared positioning and optical flow allow Breeze to remain steady, both outdoors and indoors making it perfect for any occasion.

    What are you waiting for?

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