Aerial Video Production Approved By The FAA

  • Aerial Video Production Approved By The FAA

    Aerial video is an exciting and visually appealing tool for any number of film projects. No matter what kind of video you need, shooting from the air can be a strikingly powerful way of making your project stand out. The business of aerial photography has become more advanced and accessible over the years thanks to enhancements in drone technology. This is great for allowing videographers new and exciting angles to shoot from, but it has come with its own regulations as well.

    Aerial Video Production Approved By The FAA

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all drones and drone usage to conform to a specific set of guidelines. For film studios, that means using drones for aerial video must also conform to said guidelines. At RDM productions, we’re happy to say that we offer aerial video production in compliance with all FAA regulations.

    All drones used for video purposes meet the standard qualifications set by the FFA. Remote pilot licenses are carried by all videographers during aerial production. We must fly within the line of set and outside of controlled airspace. Depending on the location, there may be constraints on where our craft may be flown. Sometimes height restrictions and the number of people in the area may be a factor in determining what qualifies as legal. If such concerns do arise, we will work to ensure that the best quality video shoot is performed while within the confines of these regulations. Our staff is knowledgable and informed on the regulations we’re set with, and can answer any question or concern about how the shoot may be done.

    Whether you’re planning a new commercial, informative video, or something for pure entertainment, aerial video can add a picturesque and stunning element to your next project. Our staff values professionalism and quality in every aspect of production, to give you the best video quality we’re capable of. Visit us here to learn more and see everything we have to offer.

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