Aerial Videography: Why Your Automotive Dealership Needs It.

  • Aerial Videography: Why Your Automotive Dealership Needs It.

    In the highly-competitive world of automotive sales, your company needs to go to new heights to stand out. With priorities of dealership management being focused on customer experience, profit, and satisfaction, it leaves little room to stay up-to-date with marketing trends that seemingly pop up out of nowhere. Aerial videography is one of those growing trends, and it is a trend that works.

    Aerial Videography: Why Your Automotive Dealership Needs It.

    Shoppers today are internet savvy and well informed when it comes to making high value decisions and big ticket purchases. Every dealership out there has a website where users can browse inventory. Every dealership has the same basic commercial that uses various buzzwords and a recognizable face saying the same catchphrase or keywords. Using a drone to gather aerial video is an easy way to catch the viewer’s eye.

    In addition to 360 virtual tours, aerial video footage from a drone is part of a growing trend that has proven to have positive impacts on ROI of a dealership’s marketing budget. Aerial technology gives dealerships the ability to showcase their entire inventory from a bird’s eye view. This brings the viewer’s perspective into an entirely new dimension – which gives you the edge from a marketing point of view.

    A sky-high view of your inventory isn’t the only tactic this can be used for. Aerial videos of cars is another way to better show potential buyers what it is they are interested in. This adds a new field for website inventory and online marketing. Having aerial footage of a car in movement has been shown to have a better impact on turning an online lead into a closed sale. Not being able to give a potential customer a full field of view on what they are buying, rather than the standard eCommerce pictures, is essentially throwing money away!

    RDM Productions are the experts in drone footage and aerial videography, and are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Contact us today to see what we can do for your dealership!

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