Different Ways to Improve Audio For Film

  • Different Ways to Improve Audio For Film

    While sitting at the movie theater watching that action-packed film that just came out, you noticed how clear it sounds. The way the guns sound while the protagonist shoots his enemies, the sound of the bombs exploding, and the music that surrounds the room perfectly. Now, how was this possible you ask? This is possible through Audio Post Production which is the production going on during the initial recording to the mastering and mixing of the final recording. To get that clear and diverse surround sound, there are ways to improve the audio after recording:

    Different Ways to Improve Audio For Film

    1. Make Sure Everything is Quiet

    Listen and be aware of your surroundings before recording. Imagine recording everything and get to post-production just to find out that the air conditioner been running the whole time and that is all you hear in the soundtracks. It’s distracting and can be difficult to fix when it is time to edit. It is extremely important to make sure the room is quiet to prevent random and distracting background noises.

    2. Add Some Music

    Adding music to the film helps give emotion to a certain scene. For example, for an action scene, you would use music that is probably loud, challenging and filled with thrills. For a death scene, you could use music that is depressing and deep. The music has to fit the mood of the scene. Just be sure to take consideration of copyright rules.

    3. Add an Equalizer (EQ)

    An equalizer lets you control the frequency of the sound you are recording. If a recording sounds light, you can add some bass to it to make it sound clear and audible. If the recording is sounding like there is too much bass, then you can use the EQ to make it sound not extremely light but clear enough to be audible to listeners.

    4. Leveling Out Volume

    In the film, there will be extremely loud and soft sounds that are going to need some adjustments. If you listen to the audio without adjusting anything, you will notice one track may be louder than other tracks meaning you would have to lower the volume on that specific track with an audio mixer. The same goes for when you have a track that you can barely hear just be sure to raise the volume but not by too much.

    Whether you are filming a movie or television show, it is important to be sure that the sound is just right for the listeners, unless you are making a silent film of course. For more information, please contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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