RDM Productions certified for commercial drone videography

  • RDM Productions certified for commercial drone videography

    RDM Productions, a full service video production company and studio, has received FAA certification to legally sell drone video and photos for commercial use. RDM’s videographers and photographers are now available for a variety of commercial drone needs.

    RDM began selling DJI Inspire 1 drones earlier this year to an eager market of recreation flyers. “Drones have been in such high demand for videographers and photographers. The RDM crew is excited to expand our business to better serve the Dallas video production industry,” said Robert Redd, one of RDM’s drone pilots. Along with their recent surge in drone sales, the production company has also invested in the sale of DJI Ronin gimbals, a camera stabilization unit new to the market.

    Their first flight as commercially certified drone videographers was over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to document the recent flooding of the Trinity River. “Everyone’s always so interested in watching the drones. We had an audience gather around as we took off,” said drone camera operator Britney Carroll.

    Under the supervision of senior producer Daniel Redd, RDM has produced Dallas based commercials and films since 2005. Their most recent project, horror film Don’t Look in the Basement II, premiered to a sold out audience at the Dallas International Film Festival in April.

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