Rent Our Video Equipment & Stay on Budget

  • Rent Our Video Equipment & Stay on Budget

    Rent Our Video Equipment & Stay on BudgetIf you’re just starting out in the video world, you’ve probably already realized that getting all of the equipment you need, and staying on budget, can be very difficult to reconcile. Cameras, lenses, mics, stands, lighting equipment — it can add up to thousands of dollars with just a handful of items. One way to help you stay on budget with your next project is by renting the video equipment.

    Renting our equipment can save you a lot of money with your next video production! If you don’t need a particular item for a certain number of days, just return it and rent it again when you do need it.

    Along with equipment pieces you may need, you can also rent grips, grip trucks, generators, and electrical equipment. Again, if you consider how much it would cost to purchase all these items outright, you would need a rather hefty budget to cover it. Renting only the items you need, for only the days you need them, can save you money that you can apply to your upcoming projects.

    If you rent items with RDM Productions, you can choose to rent individual pieces of equipment, or you can look at pre-packaged rentals with multiple pieces included. We can also help you with much more than just equipment rentals. Please contact us today to see how we can be of assistance for your next project!

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