Rent Video Production Equipment For a Music Video

  • Rent Video Production Equipment For a Music Video

    When filming a music video, there are a lot of things to think about and consider. Good quality videos are something that will always reflect the music as a whole. No matter what the plotline is if the video is not a good quality, it will have a negative reflection on not only the video creator but the artist and song. Today we are going to look at some excellent equipment your video needs to succeed.

    The Sony F3 

    The Sony F3 camcorder is easy to hold much like a Handicam. Aside from that, its technology is through the roof. It has enlarged pixels so that it has higher sensitivity, lower noise, and excellent image quality. It has 130 minutes of battery time also. The F3 rivals Hollywood film cameras including complete compatibility with cine-style film lenses and consistency of vision for cinematographers who prefer shooting on 35mm film. The F3 uses flash-memory to capture video onto SxS memory cards for continuous recording or HD-SDI output ports for an external recorders such as the AJA Ki Mini Pro. You can rent this item here.

    Sony F3

    The Arri Light Kit

    Sometimes while producing a music video, one needs to heavily consider the different types of lighting the video will need. This kit rental comes with 4 different lights and will make sure your videos have exactly the brightness they need. A perk to renting the equipment is the amount of money you save because a good lighting kit can cost in the thousands. You can rent this item here.

    Go Pro 3

    If your video is filmed in the harsh elements or filmed on the go, A go pro is exactly what you need. The waterproof casing is just one of the key features of its durability. It also comes with mounts and other hands-free devices to make filming a breeze. You can rent the Go Pro 3 kit here.

    Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Kit

    A Lavalier Kit is a great portable microphone for shooting your music video. It helps capture sounds that are high quality and helpful for filming a great video. It has an AF transmitter on it. You can rent the Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Kit here.

    Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Kit

    Rent any of these pieces of equipment through here.

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