Using Stories to Market Your Church Through Video

  • Using Stories to Market Your Church Through Video

    Let’s face it, church marketing isn’t what it used to be. In biblical times, news spread quickly through word of mouth, and today, we have no shortage of digital ways to advertise in churches. With social media on the rise, there are many opportunities to connect with people and market your church and connect to your community. Even with all of these advancements, it can still feel discouraging at times when attendance isn’t growing and outreach seems to fall short. Here are three ways stories can be effective when trying to reach your community through video.

    Using Stories to Market Your Church Through Video

    1.) Stories are personal.

    Facts and information can often seem sterile, and impersonal. In a digital age, it seems as if vulnerability and honesty are becoming less and less common traits, so this is a great opportunity for churches to be able to show a personal side and connect to a broader audience. People are always looking for something that is real, so provide them with a story that is genuine.

    2.) Stories can connect.

    Common ground can be found through stories. Use videos of a personal anecdote or testimony to be able to connect with an audience in a way that static images and quotes can’t. Relating to people through stories is a great way to make a lasting impression.

    3.) Stories can inspire. 

    Don’t just tell, show! Showing the impact of a food drive or mission trip through video can inspire others to join in, as well as communicate the importance of being involved. Use video to create a highlight reel of a recent event, or as a promotion for an upcoming event.

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