VHS to Digital: Modernizing Memories

  • VHS to Digital: Modernizing Memories

    The holiday season is a time for enjoying old memories and making new ones, and in today’s age of technology, it’s likely that this past year’s Christmas videos were recorded on your smartphone and saved in the cloud. With a few swipes and clicks, those same videos can be emailed to friends and relatives, posted to Facebook, and shared with your Instagram followers within minutes. Imagine how much time and money it would have taken to share those same videos twenty years ago! It is easy to take for granted, but the speed of technology is truly astounding.

    VHS to Digital: Modernizing Memories

    This is an incredibly convenient system to use going forward, but what about all those old memories recorded before the digital era? What about the VHS tapes boxed up in the attic, rendered unusable since the disappearance of the family VCR years ago? For many families, irreplaceable events like a child’s first words, first steps, and even their first Christmas were recorded using VHS.

    Luckily, these memories don’t have to be left behind. Using special equipment, RDM Productions can convert videos stored on VHS tapes into a high-quality digital file that can be stored alongside all of your modern-day media on your computer or smartphone. Like any other digital file, these videos can be shared across devices via email or the cloud and can be posted to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Christmas may have passed this year, but it’s never too late to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of everlasting memories.

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