What We Do

The heart of a project is its story. RDM Productions’ seasoned producers, writers, and directors know the value of each step in the video production process. From the first rough draft to the debut of the final video production, RDM’s goal is to finely craft a message for an audience.

RDM Productions’ job is to guide our clients throughout each and every step of media production. Whether it’s a music video, TV commercial, or even a feature length film, it’s right up our alley. We’re well equipped with the knowledge and technology to suit a variety of video production needs. RDM also offers equipment rentals and consultation to help fulfill the perfect look for your project.  We are also certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, under section 333, with the right provide our clients with commercial drone videography and photography.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how RDM can help serve you on each level of video production:


  • Also known as everything that comes before “Quiet on the set! Action!”
  • Conception – script writing, storyboarding, and concept brainstorming
  • Casting – securing a professional set of actors and other talent
  • Scheduling – video production schedule development, timelines, deadlines, and open communication with each individual assigned to the project


The Filming Process

  • Film/Video Production – camera work, directing, and cinematography
  • Audio Production – on location sound recording, sound mixing, voice over recording
  • Aerial Videography – RDM Productions is certified by the Federal Aviation
  • Administration, under section 333, to collect and sell drone video and photos for commercial use. We are one of few in the country granted such permission.


Putting all the elements of the video together

  • Editing – Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere
  • Graphics – artistry and development
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitling


Getting the product to you and your audience

  • File transfer – online, USB, etc.